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Welcome to The Stanford and Westenhanger History Society. As two small villages divided by a motorway and mainline railway , they play an important part in the history of the County of Kent.

Over the centuries Stanford and Westenhanger have seen many changes to their environment. The area has been occupied by people since early Roman times, through the medieval period, then dominated by the Churches, to Royalty taking over ownership of the fortified manor of Westenhanger Castle. The arrival of the railway, the brick factory and the area's main source of income, farming, all made changes to the villages. The area is steeped in history. 

Of course, life does not stand still and there are many changes proposed for our community with the development of Otterpool garden town and related building.

It is for this reason the History Society has been formed; to gather as much information about the area as possible for the sake of future generations and their interest in our history. Many people have spent only a short time living in the villages and we would like to appeal to them for their photos or stories. Those who went to the local school, those who were married in the lovely church or any connection they may have had with the area over the years, would be welcomed.

S O C I E T Y   N E W S

in regard to the current events surrounding the Covid-19 virus outbreak in the UK, we, as a Society, want to take every precaution and follow all government advice on combating spreading the virus.

With this in mind we are suspending our program until further notice but hope to resume with our varied and exciting list of talks and visits. Please visit our Events' page for full details.

Stanford Parish

through the Centuries

The book, Stanford Parish through the Centuries, was researched and published on behalf of the Stanford and Westenhanger History Society.

You can purchase a copy by emailing stanfordhistorykent@gmail.comThe cost is £10 to members of the society or £15 to non-members. In the current circumstances, we prefer payment by BACS. If you email the address above, we will send you the account details. If you live locally, we can arrange delivery otherwise please include £3.50 for postage.

Please note that membership to the society is £10 per year.

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