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Happy New Year 2021

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

2020 was not the best of years due to the Coronavirus pandemic causing social and economic problems to most people. 2021 has not started on a high note and most of us are under heavy restrictions designed to help reduce the spread of the virus. A year ago, we could not have predicted what we were about to face.

The Stanford & Westenhanger History Society are unable to hold meetings and, as previously said, there will be no membership fees for 2021. We can only hope to be able to recommence activities in the later part of the year.

Until then, we should consider what the events of 2020 mean historically. Those who have been part of the social upheaval will never forget 2020, but will your great grandchildren have any idea what it has meant?

Some of our members have been essential workers in health care, schools or other. We have been in two lockdowns and now live under Tier 4 restrictions. On the positive side, we have seen an awakening of community spirit and have supported others through difficult times.

It is proposed that when you have a quiet moment, can you write something of your experiences to be collated by the society and held on the web. The entries will be anonymous unless otherwise requested.

Please consider the request and we hope to hear from you. Send any contributions via email to


Cathy Goodwin

on behalf of the Stanford & Westenhanger History Society

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